Fishing Regulations

It is important to carefully observe the fishing regulations of Mexico and California. Anglers must comply with the documenation requirements when bringing sportfish from Mexico into the United States. The following information is the best available at this time - it does not negate any change and we recommend you always review actual government regulations prior to your fishing trip.

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California Sportfishing Regulations


Fishing Licenses are required for persons 16 years and older. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is the enforcement agency for protecting California's marine resources.  

CA Sportfishing Regs CA Fishing License Multi-Day Permit Form
California Marine Protected Areas


California recently enacted a series of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). When sportfishing, it is important that anglers know their current location and relevant regulations and restrictions. For current maps and information regarding how to properly visit a Marine Protected Area in California, click the button below. 

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CA Marine Protected Areas


Mexican Sportishing Regulations

Fishing Licenses are required by all persons aboard a boat fishing in Mexico regardless of age.  The Mexican Navy is the primary agency that inspects licenses when fishing in Mexican waters.

MEX Sportfishing Regs MEX Fishing License

When entering Mexico by water individuals are required to obtain an FMM Visitor Document. Click on the link below to find detailed instructions on how to comply with regulations. Please check with Mexico Immigration for any questions.The estimated cost is 206 pesos.

Vessels must be imported when being brought into Mexican territory. Below is a link to the process for a 10 year authorization. Please contact the Mexican Consulate in San Diego for any questions. The estimated cost is $50 - this varies on the value of the peso at the time. 


Obtain A Vessel Importation Document Obtain An FMM Visitor Document
FAQ: What paperwork is required when I return from Mexico aboard a boat with fish caught in Mexico?


California requires anglers to complete a "Fish Declaration" form when returning with fish from Mexico.

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CA Fish Declaration Form