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SAC Membership

By becoming a SAC member you join 150+ other businesses that value and work together to promote southern California as a top marine recreation, sportfishing, and tourism destination.

Benefits of SAC Membership


- A unified voice on pertinent concerns impacting the industry.


- Access to accurate and prompt information via private notices, meetings, and social media.


- Involvement in relevant meetings, events, advisory panels in the United States and Mexico, and positive publicity.


-Opportunity to bring important industry issues forward for SAC consideration.


- Advertising opportunities across various mediums.


- Use of SAC logo on your website and acknowledgement on our website.

American Sportfishing Association

The American Sportfishing Association is committed to looking out for the interests of the sportfishing industry and the entire recreational fishing community.


The American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the sportfishing industry’s trade association, was created in 1933 to represent tackle manufacturers’ business interests. Since then, the association has evolved from representing the interests of just tackle manufacturers to championing the entire sportfishing community. The association is funded through membership dues and income generated by its annual trade show and its consumer-based fishing and outdoor sports shows.


As the nation’s recreational fishing trade association, ASA supports the interests of hundreds of businesses, agencies and organizations and is the champion for the sportfishing industry. ASA’s members include sportfishing and boating manufacturers and their representatives, allied manufacturers, independent and chain outdoor retail stores, state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations, federal land and water management agencies, angler advocacy groups, outdoor media groups and journalists.


Our members, depending on their industry perspective, have different concerns varying from the federal manufacturers’ excise tax, counterfeiting, marketing and supply line changes, participation in the sport and keeping our nation’s waters open, clean and abundant with fish and ASA represents all their interests.

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