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Temporary Importation

- How to cancel an existing permit

Mexican regulations state that if a vessel with a valid temporary importation permit is going to be sold, or changing ownership, the boat owner or legal representative (whose name is on the permit) must return the permit to any Banjercito office in order to cancel it. Failure to do so will result in the next owner being unable to apply for a temporary importation permit under his name for the boat in question. 




They may go to any Banjercito office and request the cancellation of the permit. In order to comply with regulations, the old permit should be returned to Banjercito, however, they may fill out a form explaining that the permit is lost. Please take the dispatch form from Mexican customs from the vessel's last trip to Mexico, as they may request it to prove that the boat has left the country.



For questions, please contact:



Avenida Teniente José Azueta 101,

Recinto Portuario, 21850 Ensenada, B.C.




011(52)55-627-2278  ext 6

Ask about TIPs for vessels, which transfers you to "level 2, vehicles".

Canceling an existing permit (without it)

Aduanas in Mexico City is responsible for canceling existing permits, and Banjercito needs their authorization to proceed with those cases in which the document has been lost, especially if the person who applied for it in the past is not available. There are currently two options allowing new owners to cancel an existing TIP  from a previous owner:

A) Mail paperwork to Mexico City 



What you need:


1. Proof that the vessel is in the United States.  It must include the boat description, registration and hull number, name (if applicable), physical address of the boat, and owner's information. Ideally, this is satisfied with the dispatch form from Mexican customs from the vessel's last trip to Mexico. You may send a copy of the marina contract/invoice, slip receipts, US customs receipt, or any documentation that serves as proof of the vessel being in the U.S., however, please contact them in advance to confirm that your documentation will be valid if you are not providing the distpatch form.



2. Proof of ownership (Certificate of Documentation, registration). If the vessel is company owned, you must include a copy of the articles of incorporation and/or POA authorizing you to act as a legal representative in Mexico.



3. Color copy of your passport.



4. Letter explaining why the existing permit is not available, introduce yourself as the current owner, and request a cancellation of the existing permit.




Where to send it:


Administracion Operación Aduanera 3

Administracion Central Operación Aduanera / General de aduanas

Avenida Hidalgo #77 Modulo 4

1er piso.  Colonia Guerrero

Delegacion Cuauhtemoc

Ciudad de Mexico, CP 06300


The cancellation process may take up to 2-3 weeks. The next step is to apply for a new TIP online. We encourage you to use DHL, Fedex or UPS to keep track of the documents. 

B) At the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles

Once a year, Mexican customs will visit consulates in California to help boat owners cancel existing TIPs and issue their new permits.


The dates for southern California this year are October 26th and 27th, 2016 at the following address:

2401 West 6th St

Los Angeles, CA, 90057​

Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 5:00pm

The same documents are needed to cancel the permit (registration, proof of ownership, proof of the boat located within the U.S.). The phone number for the Banjercito office in Los Angeles is (213)383-7352.


Please note that it is Aduanas (customs) that has the authorization to cancel existing permits without the presence of the previous owner and the permit itself, and that Banjercito will not be able to assist you any other date.

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