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976-TUNA is recognized as the leading fishing Internet website.


Since 1985, 976-Tuna has provided continuous coverage on current fishing conditions, daily fish counts, all through the constant stream of reports received from Captains. They also post live audio reports throughout the day from Captains up and down the coast.


976-Tuna has been mobile friendly for 10+ years with cross platform compatibility ensuring your news gets to the viewing public regardless of viewing hardware (Desktop, IPAD, Mobile Phone).


They value they sponsors and are committed to help you grow your business. Some of the innovations for 2017 why 976-Tuna is convinced will make you lots more money include:


  • Product Placement- Sponsors will be able to view more of their products in 976-Tuna media venue’s.

  • Ability to update your ad and change it to current circumstances 24 hours a day.

  • Syndicated in over 12 Newspapers.

  • Over 375,000 users on 976-TUNA.COM

  • Huge E-mail list, strong, and growing everyday

  • Online Booking Software and Services


976-Tuna will push you and your products with constant coverage in a variety of media venues. You will be seen everywhere and that will surely help to make your business more profitable than you thought possible.


The ad you have purchased with 976-TUNA will get you more. Add all of the media coming to 976-TUNA and you have a public relations firm behind you.


As you know, you can contact 976-TUNA anytime and they will get the news out faster and to a larger audience than anyone else. 2017 is going to be a huge year. 

Check out their website here:

If you have an idea for a video show, an article for the newspaper, or for information in general on 976-TUNA, don't hesiate to contact:




Online and Mobile Services



Online and Mobile Services

Visit their website for more info!

Creator of the critically acclaimed and award winning Inside Sportfishing television series, Michael Fowlkes, has been the show’s Executive Producer and Director since it’s inception in 1989. The series has earned an unprecedented 25 Telly Awards for broadcast excellence.


Inside Sportfishing is the longest-running, highest-rated fishing show in Fox Sport's history and now proudly invites you to become a vital part of the series through it's new mobile app.


Here is a glimpse into the functionality and design of Inside Sportfishing's new mobile app!


They are wide open to suggestions as to what you'd like to see in the program.


For any questions or suggestions, contact Michael Fowlkes at or (949)230-8920.


Want to be notified when it goes live?

Just log into


To download a demo showcasing sample functionalities, click here:

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