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El Nino, you say?

El Nino. It’s a term familiar to many in California. Often associated with unusual weather patterns (rain in California?), warmer ocean temperatures, and excellent fishing conditions, it appears to be in the making. This is especially true if exceptional fishing is any indication, which it often is.

The El Nino is a naturally occurring climate event that warms sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and leads to (sometimes dramatic) changes in weather.

What California anglers experience in the face of an El Nino is increased numbers of warm water species, including dorado and various tunas such as yellowfin and big eye.

Spring and summer fishing in San Diego is proving to be the some of the finest in the last decade. Anglers have caught record numbers of tuna, yellowtail, and dorado. And they caught them early spring.

At this rate, fishing has the potential to continue well into November, as was witnessed in previous years where warm water graced the shores of San Diego and left anglers smiling with bags full of fish.

Additionally, the Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) has arranged for a spotter plane to conduct aerial surveys several miles offshore in search of tuna schools. The results have been spectacular and are consistent with an El Nino year. The resulting photos demonstrate expansive schools of fish with a diversity of age classes. Surveys, early catches of warm water species, and bustling landings are the perfect ingredients for a summer of fishing to remember.

Now, get out there!


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